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Bay leaves are aprized kitchen seasoning. They are used in a wide variety of stews and dishes, to which they contribute their intense fragrance: vegetables, legumes, soups, rice dishes, vegetable pies... It is added to these recipes for the flavor it gives, but also for itsdigestive properties, which can be used in other ways, for example in a laurel infusion together with other medicinal plants.

However, the laurel also has expectorant, antiseptic and astringent properties, among others, andits uses can go much further. We tell you about its most proven properties and how to use it to make the most of them.

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Properties of laurel

Bay leaves and fruits are especially rich in essential oil. That is why, when you squeeze them with your hands, they give off such an intense fragrance. Laurel essential oil contains cineole, pinene, linalool, limonene, terpinene, camphene and other volatile substances.

In addition, bay leaves and fruits containorganic acids(cinnamic, lauric, valerian), formic acid,polyunsaturated fatty acids(oleic, linoleic, palmitic),schyterpene lactones,polyphenols,flavonas, alcohols (eugenol),tannins,Mineral salts(calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium) and traces of alkaloids.

Bay leaves are credited with a wide variety of properties. They stand out above all theiraperitif, digestive and carminative properties, useful to open the appetite, facilitate digestion and avoid gas. but they also haveanti-inflammatory properties,antispasmodic,diuretics, sweaty,expectorants,astringents, antiseptic, tonic, stimulant,painkillers, antioxidants, emmenagogues,antiparasitarias, rubefacientes and healing.

These properties make it very useful for different medicinal uses:

Laurel properties for digestion

Bay leaves behave like aappetite stimulant. They are used to arouse hunger in people who are listless, convalescent, or affected by episodes of anorexia nervosa and stress.

In addition, and above all, bay leaves facilitate digestion and contribute torelieve the feeling of stomach heaviness and gas. Also to combat gastrointestinal spasms andacidity or burning stomach.

Laurel infusion with chamomile or mint

Prepare an infusion of laurel withchamomileodemandThey constitute a good traditional remedy to achieve a comfortable digestion, especiallyafter a strong or highly caloric meal, but also when stress or nervousness are affecting us. Below you will find a recipe for infusion with laurel, chamomile, mint and other plants to improve your digestion.

6 laurel properties that will make you want to use it in your dishes and infusions (1)


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Laurel properties for gastroenteritis and diarrhea

Different studies have shown the relative efficacy of laurel extracts to enhance theincreased production of probiotic bacteriathat form the intestinal microbiota, reducing the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Also forcombat gram-negative pathogens, such as enterobacteria, related to a wide variety of bacterial infections in the digestive system, and manifested with episodes ofgastroenteritis and diarrhea. These are studies in experimental process with rodents (Berendika et. eel, 2022).

Laurel properties for bronchitis

The essential oil of the laurel leaves gives it a powerfulantiseptic and expectorant action. In fact, bay leaves have been shown to be effective in relieving lung congestion and reducing mucus.

Traditionally it has been used as a natural remedy fortreat bronchitis, asthma attacks and flu episodes. It helps to lower the tenths of fever and promotes sweating.

It is also incorporated intosteam baths or vaporizationsconeucalyptus,salvia,thymeomyrtle, to decongest the respiratory tract and combat the symptoms of spring allergies.

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Laurel properties as a diuretic

Bay leaves are included in antiseptic formulas to treat urinary tract infections and to promote diuresis.

is indicated forprevent fluid retention and edema, as a natural support.

Laurel properties for menstruation

Bay leaves are incorporated into natural treatments to relieve discomfort during the menstrual period, such as spasmodic pain, lower back pain, migraine and nervous conditions, but in combination with other herbs that it complements.

Laurel properties for the mouth

With bay leaves you can prepare remedies to relieve toothache. are integrated intoastringent and anti-hemorrhagic formulasto treat bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and inflammations on the walls of the mouth and tongue.

It is also used as a gargle in case ofpharyngitis and laryngitis.

How to use or take bay leaf

In addition to including it as a seasoning in our dishes, the bay leaf can be used for medicinal purposes in different ways:

  • Thedried or fresh leaves in infusion or decoction, best together with other herbs, to be taken as an appetizer, digestive and carminative remedy. Up to three cups daily.
  • Intincture, with water or juiceof fruit.
  • Lasleaves as seasoningkitchen.
  • Essential oilin drops, betterTopically only.
  • Lasleaves in purified decoction as mouthwash, formouthwashesand inSitz baths.
  • Thelaurel butter in massageaboutrheumatic and muscular painsand as a parasiticide.
  • Hebutter oilto remove theliceon hair or clothing.

Laurel infusion

Taking the laurel in infusion is agood way to take advantage of its digestive propertiess. Normally the laurel infusion is prepared with other related or complementary plants. Here you have two options to choose from, ideal to take before or after eating as you need.

To relieve heavy digestions, nervous digestions, gas, nausea and lack of appetite, we propose a combination of great plants with digestive properties. Is takena cup before or after mealsmain.


  • bay leaves
  • Chamomile
  • lemon verbena
  • Cantueso
  • Peppermint


  1. Mix the plants thoroughly, in equal parts, for example 20 grams of each (although it can be the amount you want, depending on the reserves you want to have at home; the important thing is to mix them in equal parts).
  2. Separate 5 g of the mixture per glass of water.
  3. Boil for 2 minutes.
  4. Leave to stand for 10 more minutes and strain.

bay essential oil

Hebay essential oilIt is used in aromatherapy for different purposes. These are some of the most prominent:

  • To ease the pain inneuralgia, muscular and rheumatic pain, is applied in the form of scrubs or soft massages on the painful area, or by pouring about 15 drops in the bathroom.
  • In scalp massage, it is used tostop hair loss.
  • It is also usedin diffusers and vaporizers to perfumestays, promote concentration andrepel insects in summerespecially mosquitoes and flies. In fact, it is sometimes incorporated into natural insecticides.

The fresh and dried leaves can also be used forprevent and repel winter clothes mothswhen we put it back in the closet.

6 laurel properties that will make you want to use it in your dishes and infusions (3)


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Bay Berry Butter

The laurel fruit butter is obtained from the ripe laurel fruits, which are crushed and boiled until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

It has traditionally been used to combatintestinal parasites.

Topically, it is also used to soothearthritic pain, osteoarthritis, muscle pain and neuralgia. It also applies toeczema, pimples and hives.

The oil obtained from butterlaurel is also intended to treat infestation bylice(pediculosis) in the hair, on other parts of the body, or on clothing.

Bay leaf contraindications

Bay leaves can causecontact dermatitis on sensitive skins and a slight photosensitizing effect if we are exposed to sunlight after having handled or taken an infusion.

The essential oil should not be taken internallyduring pregnancy or lactation, nor be administered to children under 12 years of age. It is also not recommended for patients withgastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis or parkinson's, among other conditions. Always check with your GP.

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